How to find the trader in Valheim

Haldor has several wares available for good prices.

Not every item you’re going to use in Valheim can be found by searching through a dungeon or crafting it at a workbench or a forge. There are some items too rare and mystical that you’re going to need someone with expertise in acquiring rare items and someone who has traveled far more than you who knows rare items. There’s a trader you can find in Valheim who has several wares that you can purchase, but you have to find them first and then secure enough gold to trade with them.

How to find the trader

You can find the trader on the map when you encounter them in the wild. The trader’s name is Haldor, and you can find him standing next to a cart of wares, with a lox casually eating their meal to the side. We’ve typically discovered him hanging out in the Black Forest region, and so far, he’s remained a static spawn whenever we encounter him. He doesn’t move, and he doesn’t seem bothered by any of the more dangerous animals on the map, thanks to a protective shield surrounding him.

You don’t have to mark his location on the map. There will be a pouch indicating his location that remains on your personal map, so you’ll always know where to find him. We recommend placing a portal next to him so you can make travel to him from your primary base location.

How to earn gold

When you find him, the next step to interacting with Haldor is to trade with him, and he’s only interested in exchanging any of his wares for gold coins. You can find gold coins in multiple locations, notably looting it off of Trolls, from inside dungeons, crypts, chests, and other larger enemy spawns. But any valuable item you find in a dungeon or crypt, like rubies, amber, or pearls, can be sold to him for even more gold coins.