How to find Vista Point: The Long Coast in Horizon Forbidden West

Watch out for the Clawstriders.


Screenshot by Gamepur

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Vista Points are locations that act as collectibles in Horizon Forbidden West. You scan each one for an image, and you must match that image up with the surrounding scenery to unlock the Vista Point. This guide explains how to complete Vista Point: The Long Coast.

Where is Vista Point: The Long Coast?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Vista Point: The Long Coast is on the western side of the map, not far from the Greenhouse. It’s a convenient place to get to right after you complete the Seeds of the Past main quest. See above for a map reference for this Vista Point. This one can be tricky because it looks like you should move towards the Greenhouse facility. However, the solution lies in the opposite direction.

How to complete Vista Point: The Long Coast

Screenshot by Gamepur

To complete this Vista Point, you need to get to the top of the tiny island off the coast. See above for a map reference for this location. On your way there, you’ll need to pass three Clawstriders, but you can avoid combat if you hide in the tall grass. Once you’ve reached the top of the rocks on the island, bring up the image with your Focus, and you’ll complete the Vista Point quest.