How to fish in Cozy Grove

A nice way to pass some time.

Cozy Grove

Image via Gamepur

Fishing in important in Cozy Grove. Not only is it a great way to pass the time after all the daily chores are done, but you will also need to get some fish for assorted quests and recipes in the game.

The instructions are pretty different depending on whether you play on console or PC, so we will cover both in this guide.

On Console

On console, hit Y to bring up the inventory then highlight the fishing rod. Hit the A button to put it in your hand, then wander the coast of the island to find some fish. You will be able to see the shadows of the fish under the water. Press the Right shoulder button, then use the left thumbstick to aim and set the distance you want to cast out the line. When you are happy with those, hit the right shoulder button again to cast.

You have a brief moment to reel in the fish while it is biting the lure, so wait for it to bob on the water, then hit the right shoulder button again to real it. You need to time this well, or the fish will swim away.


On PC, the mechanics are the same, you just control it all a little more intuitively. With the fishing rod in hand, click on the rod icon above your characters head. Pull the mouse back and move it around to aim the rod and set the distance, then release it to cast. When the fish bites, hit the left mouse button to reel it in.