How to fish in Rust

Let’s go fishing!

Image via Facepunch Studios

The latest Underwater update saw the addition of fishing in Rust. Although players could fish in Rust before, the update has brought a more conventional method of fishing to the game.

Players will now be able to fish using a Handmade Fishing Rod in Rust. You can craft the equipment on a level one workbench using two feet of Rope and 200 pieces of Wood. Alternatively, you can also buy the equipment from an outpost vending machine for 80 Scrap.

To lure fish, you will need to attach a bait to the hook of the Handmade Fishing Rod. Almost any food can be used as bait; however, worms and grubs are a good alternative if you don’t want to squander resources. You can easily farm for worms and grubs by harvesting various plants.

Once you have everything in place, head to any decent fishing spot in the game. Use right-click to aim your fishing rod, and once ready, use left-click to cast the equipment. You can use ‘A’ or ‘D’ to move the rod around if needed. Finally, use ‘S’ to reel in the hook after a fish bites the bait.

Keep in mind you can also catch Scrap using the Handmade Fishing Rod. Fish can be used as a food source or sold to the shopkeeper for Scrap.