How to fish in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition

Even the Dragonborn needs a hobby.

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Fishing is available for the first time in the history of Skyrim with the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition. Instead of diving headfirst into rivers, ponds, lakes, and oceans, you can now use an actual fishing rod and attempt to find some fish. Yet, before you can relax on the shores of Skyrim, there are a few things you’ll need to know to get started fishing.

Where to find a Fishing Rod

For starters, you will need to find a fishing rod. The quickest way to get one is to head to Riverwood and speak to Lucan at Riverwood Trader. You can also search other towns and talk to general goods merchants if you want to go on a treasure hunt. Lucan sells all sorts of fishing attire, including a hat, shirt, and pants, but you’ll only want to grab the fishing rod and fishing map for Whiterun. Once you have a fishing rod, you’ll need to follow the directions on the map to find a location to fish.

Using Fishing Maps

There are several fishing maps you can find in Skyrim, and each has multiple fishing locations. Follow the red X’s marked on the map until you find Fishing Supplies near the shoreline. You’ll know you’ve reached the correct spot when you see a few buckets with fish in them and a fishing rod.

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Activating the Fishing Rod and Fishing

Face the Fishing Supplies and press the Activation button to begin fishing. The camera will transition to a first-person view, and your character will toss the line into the water. Next is a waiting game. You can tell fish are in the area if small ripples and splashes appear around the line. If none show up, no fish are around, and you’ll need to wait until the next day. When a fish bites the line, the controller will vibrate, and the line will bob up and down. Wait until your character pulls the rod closer towards the screen before pressing the Activation button again to reel in your catch.

That’s all there is to fishing. After you catch your first fish, you will gain access to the quest Angler Acquaintances to learn more about the new mechanic. It also leads to future quests related to the sport.