Borderlands 3: How to fix stuttering


Reddit users might have found a temporary solution to the aiming down sights stutter experienced in Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 drops frames as readily as it drops guns, it seems. Aside from significant lag and frame drops across all platforms, nearly everyone in the official Reddit bug report thread has complained about a frame drop problem. The stuttering happens whenever they aim down the weapon’s sights. Borderlands 3 relies heavily upon users to aiming down their weapon’s sights or their scope. The stuttering leaves them open to attack, or to consistently miss. The stuttering can get so bad. The issue kills the game for some players.

Aiming down the sights is a major cause of stuttering. The game drops frames suddenly whenever a player looks down their scopes and then going out of it. While there’s no official fix, a Reddit user has found a temporary solution. Note that the answer work for every weapon. Weapons with major scopes, such as snipers, will still face an issue.

The temporary fix is to go to graphics settings and move the overall setting to low. From there, change the individual settings to what you wish.

Users report that this works well for most weapons. Some still have issues, but it’s better than all of them having the problem.