How to fix Badum’s rewards not being claimed or added to your inventory in The Cycle: Frontier

He’s looking a bit stingy now.


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After loading up The Cycle: Frontier for the first time, you’ll be taken through the game’s tutorial and introduced to Badum. He’s the NPC that guides you through a few early quests and ensures you know everything you need to before dropping onto Fortuna III for an actual match. However, sometimes his quests can bug out, and there’s one that’s pretty infuriating. This guide explains how to fix Badum’s rewards not being claimed or added to your inventory.

How to fix Badum’s rewards not being added to your inventory after claiming them

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If you can’t see the rewards Badum offers you in his store, you need to restart the game. This will only take a few moments, but we haven’t found anything else that fixes the problem. The restart seems to trigger a new check with the game’s server that causes the items to show up in your inventory. If this doesn’t work for you, try restarting your device or the storefront you’re playing the game through. There could be a deeper issue with The Cycle: Frontier, meaning you may have to wait to see if the developer addresses it.

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What happens when you can’t see Badum’s rewards?

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After you return to the game’s main hub and have spoken to every faction leader, you’ll need to return to Badum. He wants to give you a selection of weapons and equipment to get you started because you lose everything that’s not in your Safe Pockets upon death in a match. However, some players can’t see the items that Badum gives you even after claiming them. Opening your inventory should show every item displayed on the reward screen ready to be equipped. Instead, however, some players see nothing, as you can tell from the screenshot above.

Anyone who experiences this error will be stuck until they use the solution above to fix it. You must complete every step of Badum’s opening quest before you can play any more matches in The Cycle: Frontier. The step after this sees you equip the newly-acquired gear, and after that, you’re into your first live game.