How to fix chat not working errors in Rainbow Six Siege

Can you hear me now? Good!

Screenshot by Gamepur

As is the case in many other team-based multiplayer first-person shooters, voice chat in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a key tool for you to use with your team to ensure your team is the one that comes out of the match victorious. Making callouts to where you see or hear the enemy makes a world of difference in this game where health is so easily taken away from someone sneaking up on you. If you are having issues with getting voice chat to work, that can quickly put you at a disadvantage. Here are some tips to try and fix it.

If you are playing Rainbow Six Siege and can’t hear other players when they speak, our first recommendation is to fully exit out of the game and restart it or restart your console or PC. Simply rebooting can often fix a lot of issues.

If that doesn’t work on PC, ensure that your audio settings are set up properly and that your mic and headset are properly connected with no torn wires or anything that could be causing issues. Press the Windows key and R simultaneously to bring up Run. Paste in “ms-settings:sound” and press OK. Now you are in your PC’s audio settings. You can check your settings and test devices to make sure they are running correctly.

Next, open up Siege, go to Settings, and tab over to Audio. Check to make sure your Voice Chat and Master Volume bars are turned up. Also, check Voice Chat Record Mode. You can set it to Open or Push to Talk. Finally, adjust your Voice Chat Record Threshold so that the game is picking up your mic properly.

If none of the above recommendations have helped you, we recommend checking the Ubisoft Support Twitter to see if there are any server-side issues affecting chat.