How to Fix EDZ Obelisk Bug in Destiny 2


Right now, there’s a small bug in Destiny 2 where players are having trouble accessing the EDZ Obelisk. The newly released Obelisk is brand new, so there are a few bugs developers Bungie may have missed before it came out.

The problem is when a player approaches the front of the Obelisk during the EDZ: Obelisk Attunement quest they receive from Osiris. After they complete the second step, and they return to the Obelisk to bank their resources, they cannot interact with it.

There’s a quick solution.

All you have to do is hit the fast travel location closest to the Obelisk, which is The Gulch, and do this until you can interact with the object. What this does is cycle through the available servers in Destiny 2, and when you can interact with it, you’re in a server where you can interact with it. Your alternative is to go off-world, and then return to the EDZ

If this does not work for you, try restarting Destiny 2 to see if something weird had been going on because it should be a quick fix.

You can use this solution for any Obelisk in Destiny 2.