How to fix error 106015 in Escape from Tarkov

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There are a handful of errors that come back to haunt players in Escape from Tarkov. A notably famous one whenever an update arrives is error 106015. A handful of players encounter an issue when attempting to connect to the game after an update hits their computer. Error 106015 boils down to players not connecting to the game’s main server, asking them to try again later. Unfortunately, you can keep trying, but the issue continues to pop up most of the time. There are a handful of solutions for this, and only a few we know to work regularly.

Use a VPN

A reliable method plenty of players do when encountering this issue is using a VPN to change their IP address. You can find a suitable VPN network that works best for you and then change to a suitable IP address accepted by the Escape from Tarkov servers. This method works quite a bit and yields high results. However, it does not always work, and some players have to try something else.

Change your public IP address

Another way you can go about changing your IP address is by reaching out to your network provider. How you reach out to them will vary on your network. A good method is to visit their website and speak to their customer service team. You’ll have to ask them to change your router’s public IP address and then restart it following the conversation. This should modify the address and make it easier to reach the Escape from Tarkov servers.

Reinstall Escape from Tarkov, run as administrator

A final method we’re going to recommend that you try uninstalling the current build of Escape from Tarkov and reinstalling it to your machine. There could have been a small problem when your launcher attempted to download the recent patch, and reinstalling it could be the best solution. Then, when the game has fully downloaded, try running the game as an administrator.