How to fix Error Code 2137-7504 on Nintendo Switch

Having issues with the eShop?

Image via Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch may be one of our favorite Nintendo consoles ever, but it will still run into the occasional error or two. If you have run into the error code 2137-7504, it means you are probably having issues accessing your eShop or downloading or accessing a game you own. Here is how to fix it.

Error Code 2137-7504 on Nintendo Switch means that your console can not connect to the Nintendo eShop or Switch Online servers because it is currently down. Trying to buy or download games will be impossible until the issue is taken care of. This is an error code that is telling you the problem is not on your end but rather on Nintendo’s servers. For whatever reason, the service is currently down, and you will have to wait until they get it back up again.

While this error code is focused on the eShop, it may also affect any games that you try to access that are shared between consoles. If you are not on the account’s main Switch, you will likely run into this issue until Nintendo fixes their servers. To reiterate, this is not a problem caused on your end, just be patient and play a game either through a physical cartridge or one from the Switch’s main account. You can check the Nintendo Switch server status page for details.