How To Fix Error Message 512F0500 in NBA 2K20


NBA 2K20 is just the latest release in the franchise that has faced numerous bugs, crashes, and error messages within the first few days of launching.

The latest issue players are facing is trying to play the offline version of Triple Threat mode, which results in an error message 512F0500 popping up and the player getting booted back to the main menu. It appears that 512F0500 is tied directly to the TTO game mode and nothing else, so here is an everything we know about how to get you back in the game:

How To Fix Error Message 512F0500 in NBA 2K20

As of now, it appears the error is occurring because the 2K developers have taken the mode completely offline and patched in a fail-safe so players can’t access the mode even when they aren’t playing when connected to 2K servers. The official 2K support blog posted about the issue, stating that the team was working on getting things back up and running.

“Triple Threat mode is currently offline for development updates,” the post said. “We are working hard to bring this mode back online as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.”

The reason for these updates is likely how players were glitching the mode to unlock more rewards than normally possible. 2K hit a clean reset, making all of the players who had early copies lose those rewards to make sure it was an even playing field for everyone when the general public got their copies.

TTO is probably going to be down for a bit longer while the devs work on a way to balance the game mode and iron out those glitches so that the game is fair for all players. The latest update on the issue was posted on Sept. 8 at 3 pm CT, so the error is still ongoing.

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