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How to troubleshoot Error WS-37398-0 on PlayStation 4

You might be waiting for a while.

While the PlayStation 4 is a beloved video game console, it will run into its share of errors, just like any other console that heavily relies on the internet to use its features. While this stuff happens, it is still a very frustrating time not to be able to play your favorite games. One of the more common issues you may see is listed as WS-37398-0 and is connected to these online features. If you are trying to play a game or watch a stream and are hitting the WS-37398-0 error code on PS4, here is what we know about it.

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Can you fix error code WS-37390-0 on PS4?

Unfortunately, when it comes to error code WS-37390-0 on PlayStation 4, this is an issue you can have no impact on. Regardless of how many times you reset your console or internet router, you will likely keep getting this PS4 error. It is strictly linked to the PSN service having an outage, so you will need to do something else until Sony’s support team is able to fix the problems keeping players out. We recommend either playing an offline game or doing something else in the meantime.

To get regular updates on how things are looking on the PlayStation Network, we recommend checking the service status page. You can see what areas of the online multiplayer service are currently down or affected and potentially get an estimated time for when things should be back to normal. In most cases, issues like this can last up to a few hours, so we don’t recommend spending too much time on your console trying to force it to work. Find something else to do while checking the status page every now and then so you know when you can hop back in with your friends.

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