How to fix FIFA 21 Pro Clubs connection lost error

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How to fix FIFA 21 Pro Clubs connection lost error

Image via EA Sports

FIFA 21 players are not happy with the number of issues that they are running into. One of those problems is a Pro Clubs connection lost error, which prevents players from being matched with other gamers to participate in online matches.

The bug came to the fore during FIFA 21’s early access period, and it has carried over into the full release. Threads have popped up on the game’s official forums and Reddit page as players seek an official fix for the problem. So far, there are over 100 replies in those threads, and smaller ones are doing the rounds. Some players have worked out, on PlayStation 4 at least, that Nat Type 2 ports seem to be a common problem with this bug, but without confirmation from EA, it is a guess at the moment.

After a week where frustrated players began demanding full refunds as they couldn’t access Pro Clubs mode, EA responded on Twitter, on October 9, to confirm that they were looking into the problem. They hope to have a solution for it soon.

Meanwhile, EA’s various community managers have attempted to help some users out with temporary fixes for the glitch. First, EA_Aljo suggested that users unplug their routers and consoles, restart them, and reload FIFA 21 to see if that fixes things.

If that doesn’t work, the next step is to change the server IP that your game is connected to. For some reason, UK gamers are being placed onto US servers, causing high ping times and causing connections to be lost. The European FIFA server IP is If you are in another country with a similar issue, you will need to contact EA Support and open a support ticket to get a hold of your region’s server IP.

Finally, if you are playing on a wired connection, where your router is physically connected to your console, try playing FIFA 21 over a wireless connection. Some users, who are being plagued by this problem, are playing with a wired connection, which may be causing the connection to bottleneck and end abruptly.