How to fix games not downloading on PS5

Upgrading your PS4 titles may come at an even steeper cost.

Image via PlayStation

If you’ve purchased a game on PS5 and continue to see the “view details” button, instead of the “download” button on its page, you’re not alone. It’s been one of the consoles biggest issues as of now and seems to primarily affect upgraded PS5 versions of games. Thankfully, Sony has recognized this pesky bug and has a fairly simple quick fix that’s becoming quite popular.

Rebuilding the database

To start, the console must be in Safe Mode. To do so, have your console completely turned off and hold down its power button until you hear it make two beeps. A menu will slowly popup, where you’ll need to scroll down and click on “Rebuild Database.” This will not factory reset the device, simply repair files used for key tasks – like identifying downloadable content.

Depending on how needed the repair is, the procedure may take anywhere from two to 20 minutes. It will then return to Safe Mode, and you’ll want to choose “Restart PS5,” right after. If successful, revisit the game’s page and see if the “download” option is available now.

Of course, you must be connected to a Wi-Fi network to be able to download the game. If the problem continues, the least appealing, but most successful solution has been to factory reset the device through the System Settings menu. If you decide to do this, you may want to back up your data.