How to fix HUT cards not displaying bug in NHL 21

Black screens all around.

How to fix HUT cards not displaying bug in NHL 21

Image via EA Sports

NHL 21 HUT mode, like its FIFA 21 FUT cousin, is one of the most popular game types in Electronic Arts’ ice hockey sim franchise. Building your own Ultimate Team can be a ton of fun, but it won’t be if you cannot see what HUT cards you have unlocked for the mode.

Players have taken to the official NHL 21 forums to look for answers after the issue cropped up during the game’s early access phase. NHL 21 gamers, on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, are met by a black screen whenever they try to run the rule over any cards that they have earned. At the time of writing, the thread in question is eight pages long, making it one of the longest threads on the NHL 21 EA forums.

EA had stated an issue with HUT mode and that the development team was looking into it. That was on Thursday, October 8, and since then, EA has claimed that a fix has been issued. Community manager EA_Aljo explained that the issue should have been resolved, but players are still being met with a black screen.

EA has since asked any affected players to uninstall and reinstall the game. While this has fixed the problem for some users, others are still being blighted by it. If you have been affected by this bug on PS4, you can try restoring your licenses to see if that resolves the problem. To do so, head to the Settings app on your console, open Account Management, and then click on Restore Licenses.

There is no word on another possible fix for Xbox One users, so the only solution, for now, is to try the reinstalling method. Hopefully, EA will roll out an update as soon as possible to resolve this.