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How to fix matchmaking error messages in The Cycle: Frontier

Don't waste another second on menus.

Whether you’re playing with friends or not, you can often encounter matchmaking error messages in The Cycle: Frontier. These get in your face when trying to jump into a round, but they can also prevent you from playing with friends. This guide explains how to fix matchmaking error messages, so you don’t get kicked out of the game just as things are about to get exciting.

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How to fix matchmaking error messages

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There are a few fixes to try when faced with matchmaking server messages. The first is to restart the game and try to deploy again. This might work, but if there’s a deeper issue, you will need to try swapping servers. Restarting your game can do this, but you can do it manually from the menus. Finally, if nothing else works, try redeploying repeatedly or swapping to a different map. The downside of this is that you may end up deploying on a more difficult map than you’re used to, but at least you’ll be able to play.

If you continue to face matchmaking messages even after trying all the fixes above, you need to check if The Cycle: Frontier is down. No one can play if the game’s servers are down because of a problem or maintenance. This will be why you’re facing matchmaking messages, and you’ll simply have to wait for the server to come back online before you can play.

What are matchmaking error messages?

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Matchmaking error messages pop up after selecting the map you want to deploy to. They inform all players that placing you onto a server with others is a problem, and then you’re kicked out of the game entirely. The issue kicks you from the game because it affects the central hub too since there are more players running around there. Matchmaking relates to the game putting players together in a server that makes sense for their location, and if there’s a problem, these error messages pop up.

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