How to fix Nintendo Switch error code 2306-0502

What could possibly go wrong in the cloud?

Image via Nintendo

Receiving an error code 2306-0502, or 2306-0501, on the Nintendo Switch platform indicates that players were disconnected from matchmaking services prior to the process beginning. These error codes are typically indicative that something has gone awry regarding the user’s internet connection.

Nintendo recommends users experiencing this error code to follow these steps:

  • Power cycle the home network
  • Move the Nintendo Switch closer to the wireless router
  • Ensure that metal objects are not placed between the Switch and the router, inviting interference.
  • Manually enter the DNS within the Internet Options on the Switch

Users that are continuing to experience this error code after troubleshooting are likely experiencing a loss to Nintendo’s online services, likely stemming from sweeping Amazon Web Services (AWS) outages.

The mid-December AWS outages ultimately stemmed from the Java vulnerability exploit that was made public on December 9, where an input field isn’t sanitized within a logging database module used extensively by developers. Among the downed services were Twitch, Amazon, Ring, Netflix, EA, Valorant,, League of Legends, and more.

Security experts predict that, with the extensive use of the logging module, this interruption of service is likely going to be a long-term predicament. Some note that the repercussions are going to be greater than that of the Heartbleed vulnerability.