How to fix PS4 Safe Mode Boot Loop

If you are reading this guide, it means you might be facing an issue of the Safe Mode loop where your PS4 system only starts in safe mode and you can’t boot it from normal mode.

This is not same as infinite restart loop, where you can fix the issue with 5-10 minutes unplug trick.

To fix issue of PlayStation 4 Safe Mode Loop try following:

Try Official PS4 Support:

First call up Sony support and see if they give you nice and easy solution to get your PS4 on normal mode again.

PS4 Safe Mode Loop

Update System Software

From above screenshot, try option ,3 ‘Update System Software’. (To get the above menu hold power button on your PS4 for few seconds till you hear the second beep) Update System Software option will download if any new updates are available and install them, after the installation luckily you’ll be booted into normal mode.

Restore Default Settings

You can try option ‘Restore Default Settings’, where your PS4 system will be booted with default settings and you’ll need to set the time zone and other startup settings.

Reset or Initialize PS4: (Warning !! Deletes All Data on HDD)

Reset your entire PS4 console, if you have uploaded your saves to PSN Cloud Storage then this is good option, although you’ll have to go through default startup after complete re-installation.

  • Make sure you create backup of your save games,
  • To reset your console, select option 6 (Initialize PS4) or option 7 (Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software)), both options will delete everything on HDD, only difference between these two options is option 7 will delete the System Software as well and reinstall it, which will cause no harm if you going with Initializing.

Hope this guide helps you to get your PS4 back into normal mode.