How to fix stuttering performance issues in The Callisto Protocol

Prepare for a crash landing.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Like Black Iron Prison in The Callisto Protocol, not everything in the game runs well. A handful of connection performance issues are happening for players who are jumping into this game on the PC, and those experiencing them are not enjoying their experience as much as they would like. Here’s what you need to know about how to fix stuttering performance issues in The Callisto Protocol.

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What to do about stuttering performance issues in The Callisto Protocol

One of the better things you can do when encountering these issues is to go directly into the game settings to readjust your graphics. You want to go into the options menu and scroll down to Graphics. From here, you can select the FPS cap and set it to 60, switch to FSR performance, turn motion blur off, turn depth of field off, and make sure you have the medium preset for the graphics. This may require a restart of the game after you’ve saved these settings, and this is a good thing to do because it doesn’t hurt to verify the integrity of the game files.

After the game is down, have Steam give The Callisto Protocol a quick sweep and review the game files. This will be a good way to make sure none of the files were missing, and some of them can be corrected for the game.

However, with multiple PC players encountering these issues, it may boil down to a patch from the development to provide this fix. It’s exclusively happening on the PC side, so it might have to do with how the game works over there.