Does The Callisto Protocol have DLSS support? Answered

Can you improve the look of The Callisto Protocol?

Image via Striking Distance Studios

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The Callisto Protocol pits you against a prison full of zombies you will need to cut through to survive a tremendous adventure. You have a few allies helping you out, and every bullet counts when fighting against this endless horde. One thing players are curious about is if the game has DLSS support. Here’s what you need to know about The Callisto Protocol’s DLSS support.

Can you enable DLSS in The Callisto Protocol?

We can confirm The Callisto Protocol does not have DLSS support. This is a type of mode that increases performance on a PC so long as your hardware can handle it. It improves a game’s overall appearance, but it takes a lot out of your system. If you were hoping for improved performance, you won’t find the setting available in the game.

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Many players have encountered several issues when attempting to play The Callisto Protocol. One common issue is performance stuttering, which you can fix by turning down the general settings of the game, locking the FPS to 60, and turning off the motion blur. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work, but some players have reported that things are improved, but many may need to wait until a proper patch comes through from the development team.

If you want to try out any of your hardware’s more advanced pieces, The Callisto Protocol might not be for you. However, the game does feature a linear single-player horror adventure through Black Iron Prison, where you’ll be fending off hordes of zombies at every turn. Despite not having any DLSS support, the game’s graphics do exceptionally well.