How to fix the AlabasterBeard error in Sea of Thieves

Comb that error out of your beard.

Image via Rare/Xbox Game Studios

While Sea of Thieves is usually a game that runs pretty well, there will undoubtedly be a hitch or two along the way. Usually, these errors have to do with some kind of network issue, but unfortunately, they do not tell you if the problem is on your side or the server. Here is what it means if you are running into the Alabasterbeard error code in Sea of Thieves and how to fix it.

If you have gotten the Alabasterbeard error code in Sea of Thieves, it merely means that your connection to either Xbox Live or the Sea of Thieves servers has been interrupted.

Check your internet connection

First, we recommend finding out if your internet has been disconnected or not. Check to see if your router shows a connection and whether you can access the internet on your PC or phone. If you can, unplug your router for 30 seconds and restart it. Let it cycle through its start-up and see if you have any access again.

If you are on Xbox, you can check your connection by going to Settings and opening Network settings under General. Test your network connection, and if there are any issues, your console will suggest some troubleshooting options. Additionally, you can check Xbox Status to see if Xbox Live is having problems.

If playing on PC, check your internet connection by right-clicking the signal icon in the lower right portion of your home screen. You can choose to Troubleshoot problems or Open Network & Internet Settings. If things are looking fine there, we recommend checking the status page linked above or restarting your router. If you are still having issues accessing the Sea of Thieves servers, but everything else is fine, you may want to play something else until the team can fix their problems.