How to fix the Cannot connect to server to verify the license error on PS5

This error is preventing players to play downloaded games.

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PlayStation owners have been hit with an error message that prevents them from playing downloaded games on their PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5. The message reads: “Can’t use this content. Can’t Connect to the server to verify your license.” This error message shows up when there’s an issue with the servers trying to verify the licensing for the game you’re trying to play. This means you will have to verify the licensing of your game on your PlayStation. Here is how to do it.

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How to Restore Licenses on the PlayStation 5

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When you purchase a game on the PlayStation Network, you automatically receive the licensing to play the game. Having a license for a game means you are verified to play that title after your purchase it. Licensing is a measurement that prevents players from illegally playing downloaded games with the PlayStation Network. However, PlayStation servers sometimes fail to recognize the license, and you need to restore your license manually.

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To restore your license on your PlayStation 5, head to the Settings menu on your console’s home menu. Select Users and Accounts, and then pick the Other option. From there, select Restore Licenses and then hit the Restore option. Try relaunching your game once you restore licenses to see if your game will run again.

How to Restore Licenses on the PlayStation 4

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It’s also possible to see the “Cannot connect to server to verify the license error” on the PlayStation 4. Fixing the issue on the PS4 is a little different than on the PS5 because the PS4 has slightly different menu options. You still need to head to the Settings menu on your PS4 home page, but you don’t go to the Users and Accounts options. Instead, you head over to Account Management, where the Restore Licenses option is located. Once you select Restore Licenses, pick Restore and then try relaunching your game.

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If restoring the licensing doesn’t works, try restarting your internet. You should turn off your modem or router and then turn it back on to restart your internet. Most modern routers have a button that you can press to turn it on and off, but if it’s an old-school router then you will need to unplug it and plug it back in. If restarting the internet doesn’t work, then all you can do is wait until Sony fixes it on its end.