How to fix the Connection Timeout Error on Steam

Here are some troubleshooting solutions.

Image via Valve

When you receive an error message for Steam, you can potentially be locked out of your entire gaming library. One issue preventing gamers from using Steam is the Connection Timeout error. The error has become widespread, with multiple players coming across it. Is there anything you can do to fix this problem, or is your only option to wait for Valve to fix the error on their end?

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How to get rid of the Connection Timeout Error on Steam

Image via Valve

Your first course of action should be to check the Steam Status page to see if the Steam servers are down. If the servers are not down, then the Connection Timeout Error is on your end. One solution you can do is clear your cache data on your browser. To clear out your cache, head to the Settings option on your preferred browsers and select Clear browsing data. A second window will pop up, and you need to check every box and pick Clear data to finish clearing your cache data.

If clearing your browser cache doesn’t work, you may need to clear your download cache on Steam. First, open Steam and click the Steam tab at the top left corner of the window. Several options will drop down, and you need to select Settings. Afterward, a new window will appear and you must pick the Downloads option. In the next window, click on Clear Download Cache and pick Confirm to finish clearing out your cache. After you click Confirm, you can then select a new Download Region. Changing your Download Region can also fix Connection Timeout.

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If you’re using Windows, you may have to update the network adapter driver. First, look for the Device Manager on the Windows search bar and select it. Several network adapters options will drop below, and you need to right-click your intel driver and then select Update driver. A new window will pop up, and you click the Search automatically for updated driver software selection. Also, check if your Windows Firewall is causing the error. Turn off the firewall and return to Steam to see if you’re still encountering Connection Timeout.

If none of that works, try restarting your internet. Turn off your modem and/or router, and then turn it back on to restart your internet. Most modern routers have a button that you can press to turn it on and off, but if it’s an old-school router then you will need to unplug it and plug it back in. If that still doesn’t fix it, then your only option left is to delete and reinstall Steam on your PC.