How to fix the error 500 internal server error message on Discord

Use these tried and true methods.

Image via Discord

Discord has suffered a major outage due to numerous API issues, which the social media company is currently investigating. In the meantime, users are seeing 500 internal server errors every time they try to send messages to their friends or attempt to subscribe to Discord Nitro.

Seeing a 500 internal server error message doesn’t always mean that there’s something wrong with your internet connection or computer. These messages are popping up due to the aforementioned issues affecting the server. Regardless of whether you’re getting them because of technical difficulties on your end or Discord’s, here’s how you can fix them.

The first tried and true trick to fixing the 500 internal server error message on Discord is, if you use the platform on your browser, refreshing the page. You can click the reload button, press F5 or Ctrl + R, or highlight the address bar and press the return button.

The second thing to try is clearing your browser’s cache. While caching issues don’t always cause internal server errors, clearing the cache does sometimes successfully resolve the issue. Don’t skip this method if you can help it.

The third and most important trick is to delete your browser’s cookies. The 500 internal server errors can be rectified by clearing away the cookies associated with Discord. Once you remove the cookies, restart your browser and try logging into Discord again.