How to fix the EXO Request Platform inactive error in Astroneer

It’s a common problem.

Image via System Era Softworks

A common issue Astroneer players encounter is the EXO Request Platform will have an inactive error when players attempt to interact with it. The item is used in Project CHEER recover Mission, EXO Salvage Initiative, and EXO Automated Mass Production Production. These are all events in the game available for a limited time, and when players attempted to start a new game for these events, their module would not work. When a new event arrives in Astroneer, and you want to use the item, there’s an easy way to fix this problem. Ensure the event you wish to participate in the game is still ongoing because it won’t work if the event has concluded.

For those who higher amounts of luck, the quickest way to fix this problem is to pick up the item and then place it down again. It’s a fast, effective method to make sure the platform works for you.

The second method is to reload your save and try to interact with it again. Sometimes starting back at the menu, or even closing out of the Astroneer application entirely, is an effective method to fix this so you can start interacting with it again. Some players even recommend starting over a new game entirely before trying to use it. While it may be a bit of work, it’s a good way to make sure you participate in the event.

Starting a brand new game file should be the last, effective method. If you’re still having trouble with the EXO Request Platform, you might want to verify any files with the game or give it a fresh restart on your hardware. It could be you didn’t download all the files for the game, and that’s causing complications for you.