How To Fix The Finals Open Beta Crashing On Launch For PS5 & Xbox Series X|S

The Finals has just launched into Open Beta, but players are experiencing issues with the game crashing as soon as it launches.

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The Finals has launched into its open beta window, but players are already encountering a major issue before they can even get the game running. Here’s how to fix The Finals crashing on startup.

The Finals is the debut game from Embark Studios, and after a few flashy trailers this year, the game went viral. Boasting fully destructible environments in a chaotic game show setting, there’s a lot to love about The Finals.

That said, shortly after launching into Open Beta on October 26, players on consoles realized they weren’t actually able to get into The Finals. Several gamers on Reddit and Twitter flooded their forums with cries for help, wondering why their game would crash as soon as it launched.

While we don’t know why this is happening, we have a rather creative albeit temporary fix.

How To Fix The Finals Open Beta Crashing On Console

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We were one of the unlucky few who attempted to enter The Finals open beta as soon as it launched, and we were met with a short boot-up attempt followed by several crashes. We uninstalled the game several times, but a fresh install just wouldn’t cut it.

Thankfully, some users on the internet have found a solution that seems to work for now. Here’s how to get into The Finals open beta and avoid further crashes… for now.

  • Download The Finals Open Beta on PS5 or Xbox
  • When it’s done installing, switch to a different user profile (you may have to make a new one)
  • Attempt to launch The Finals using the new user profile

This worked for us on the first try, but some users have reported crashes for each new account they’ve tried. For some reason, the crashes are tied to the first profile that attempted to launch the game, but we didn’t experience any more issues while using the newly created profile.

Message From The Finals Devs

The developers later acknowledged the issue by releasing a statement on Twitter. They stated they were working on rolling out a fix for PlayStation and Xbox crashes that did arrive a few hours after the post.

Embark Studios thanked players for their patience and explained that issues like these are why developers choose to run beta tests. As of writing, the console crashing issue has been resolved and players can hop in without fear of a failed launch.