How to fix the freezing in battle glitch in Temtem

If your battles keep freezing in Temtem, we can only advise patience.


Image via Crema

Temtem is all about battles, but the game is currently suffering some launch day issues. Many players are having trouble connecting to the game, while the ones who are able to get in are experiencing lag spikes and connectivity issues.

If you have already picked your starter Temtem and are trying to make your way through the game, you will possibly have encountered a wild Temtem or a tamer who wishes to battle. 

The way battles work in Temtem is that you pick a move you want your two Temtem to complete, then the Temtem will take turns and perform those moves based on their speed stat. The fastest Temtem goes first, then the second-fastest, and so on. 

At the moment, the game can sometimes freeze during a battle. This can make it awkward to input your commands for the Temtem, or else you will have all your moves picked, but the Temtem will sit there, not doing anything. 

This appears to be down to issues with the connection to the servers. If you wait a few moments, the connection will hopefully repair itself, and you will be able to continue with the battle. When the connection is reset, the Temtem should carry out the moves you have already input. 

A more significant issue that some players are experiencing is a black screen during or after a battle. This issue appears to occur when the game is trying to load you from the main “exploring the world” state to your own smaller “battle” state. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a fix for this, and it is an indicator that you have entirely disconnected from the servers. The game will not give you any way to return to the title screen, or disconnect, so your only option will be to Alt+F4 or use the Task Manager to shut down the game.