How to fix the LavenderBeard error in Sea of Thieves

Here’s how you can get around this error.

Image via Xbox Game Studios

Sea of Thieves continues to attract players from far and wide, but some players continue to experience the interestingly named LavenderBeard. One of many “beard” errors in the game, LavenderBeard can occur to PC gamers while attempting to connect to game servers to start. The error is more common on PC versions of the game, but Xbox players have also reported coming across the issue. The error is a persistent problem that has been plaguing Sea of Thieves for years now.

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How to troubleshoot the LavenderBeard error code

Image via Rare

The error either relates to a PC setting in the Windows firewall or proxy settings, or it’s caused by a connection interruption happening locally. Server problems could also be the cause of the LavenderBeard error. If you’re facing this problem on your Xbox, the Sea of Thieves Support Page recommends that you do a hard reset on the Xbox and re-download the game. If you’re facing this problem on the PC, the Support page recommends downloading the latest update or connecting your Xbox Live account to Steam.

If that doesn’t fix the LavenderBeard error on your PC, you’ll probably have to reconfigure your Windows firewall, antivirus software, or proxy settings. You can disable your Windows firewall altogether to get rid of the error, but we don’t recommend it. The best solution is to reconfigure the firewall by following these steps:

  1. Click the Windows (Start) button on your keyboard
  2. Search for firewall or find the cog icon to open the Windows settings
  3. Enter the firewall and network protection settings
  4. Click on Allow an app through the firewall
  5. Find Sea of Thieves and make sure the Private checkbox is selected. If you use a public network, make sure that box is checked too

Your third-party antivirus application could be blocking the Sea of Thieves connection attempts, so you may have to disable or reconfigure your software to add an exemption for Sea of Thieves. How to reconfigure your antivirus application depends on what type of software you’re using. Your VPN could also be blocking the Sea of Thieves connection, so try disabling any proxy settings and disconnecting any VPN you may have installed.