How to Fix the LavenderBeard Error in Sea of Thieves


Sea of Thieves is attracting pirates from far and wide, on both Xbox One and PC. Some PC users, however, are experiencing one of many interestingly named errors. The LavenderBeard error can occur to PC gamers while attempting to connect to game servers to get the journey going. This error is typically only found on PCs because the source of the problem lies in Windows’ firewall or proxy settings.

Fixing LavenderBeard

Depending on your PC’s configuration, the solution lies in disabling and/or properly configuring your Windows firewall, antivirus software, or proxy settings.

Configure Windows Firewall

We do not recommend disabling the firewall altogether, though it is an option. Instead, let’s configure it to allow Sea of Thieves to access the internet properly. Follow these steps:

  1. Click the Windows (Start) button in the bottom left
  2. Search for Firewall or click the cog icon to open the Windows settings
  3. Access the Firewall & network protection settings
  4. Click on Allow an app through the firewall
  5. Find Sea of Thieves and ensure at least the Private checkbox is checked. If you use a public network, check that box, too

Disable/Configure Antivirus Software

If you’re using a third-party antivirus application, it may be blocking Sea of Thieves‘ connection attempts. Either disable or configure your software to add an exemption for Sea of Thieves. The process will vary depending on your software, so you’ll have to consult the relevant documentation.

Disable Proxies/VPNs

Let’s face it, proxies and VPNs are not great for gaming at the best of times. Ensure that you have disabled any proxy settings and you are not connected to any type of VPN. You want clear pipes for Sea of Thieves to do its thing!

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