How to fix the New World black screen on launch glitch

Fix the black screen glitch.

Image via Amazon Game Studios

New World is a graphic intense game that demands high system specs. Although the game has quickly garnered a massive player base, performance and other errors have plagued the game since its beta release. One of the most frequent errors that many players have come across is the black screen glitch that appears while launching the game.

What is black screen on launch glitch in New World?

The black screen glitch occurs when players start the game, and it doesn’t proceed from there. One can hear the game sound, but no visual seems to appear on the screen. In the meantime, players can minimize the game without any problem, which indicates the game is not stuck or there is no hanging problem.

How to fix black screen on launch in New World

The only known solution is to wait for some time, and the game will automatically load after a brief period. It might take a while before the game loads, but it has worked for most players. Either the game successfully loads, or the game will automatically kick out the player leaving a message “your connection with the server has broken” behind.

There are a couple of reasons why players are facing the black screen issue. Since the game has had a heavy influx of new players, the servers get overloaded at times, which prevents players from entering the game. Furthermore, players playing on a system with low RAM probably face this issue. Since the game is currently only in its beta phase, it’s not fully optimized. Ensure your system drivers are updated to the latest version, and you are not playing on outdated drivers.