How to fix the PS5 login error for Overwatch 2

Let’s get in the game.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Obviously, it’s best for a game when players can access it at all times. Neither players or the developers want the game to be inaccessible at any time. If you are playing on PlayStation 5 and having trouble logging in to Overwatch 2 with a failed to login error, here are some tips to get you going.

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How to fix the failed to login error in Overwatch 2 on PlayStation 5

First, if you are having issues logging into Overwatch 2 on your PS5, odds are that this is connected to a server issue. During its launch, Overwatch 2 experienced many problems, from disconnections to items not appearing that players should have.

Besides waiting for the issue to be resolved, one of the ways people have found to get past the login error is to install the other available version and try this instead. On PS5, there is the PS4 and PlayStation 5 version that can be installed. If you updated Overwatch 1 before Overwatch 2’s release, you are using the PS4 version. If you installed the game from the store, it is likely you have the PS5 version. You can see which it currently is by pulling up the game and looking at the logo currently displayed. You can pull up the PS4 version by using the PlayStation app on your phone and searching Overwatch 2 Beta.

Downloading the game twice is not necessarily ideal, but luckily these kind of issues are usually taken care of pretty swiftly. You can jump between both versions of the game and sign in through the PlayStation Network and potentially get access to the servers. Hopefully, Blizzard are able to iron out the kinks that have plagued Overwatch 2 during its early days.