How to fix the “Queue Disabled” error in Valorant

Errors are always annoying.

Valorant Phoenix

Image via Riot Games

Online games sometimes experience errors that prevent players from joining queues and matches. Riot’s team shooter game Valorant is no different, and there is a rare error that sometimes crops up, which prevents players from queuing. This error can be either related to issues with your client or Valroant’s servers. The solution depends on which one of the two is experiencing troubles. Here’s how you can try to fix the “Queue Disabled” error in Valorant.

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How to resolve the “Queue Disabled” error in Valorant

If Queue Disabled error is originating on your client’s side, the solution is pretty simple. Quit Valorant and close the Riot client, then restart them and relog to both. This should clear the error and allow you to join queues. If it persists and you experience internet problems, then along with restarting your clients, you should try restarting your router as well, though this issue is more often related to Error Code 43 on Valorant.

The “Queue Disabled” error appears either when you try to form a party or when you try to join a matchmaking queue in Competitive mode and sometimes even in Unranked mode. When this error happens, you are unable to join a game or a party and will get an error message each time.

However, if the issue is related to Valorant’s servers, then there is no easy solution. This can occur when either the servers are down due to malfunction or for maintenance and update purposes. In both cases, there is not much more that you can do other than wait for the servers to go back online again. You can check if the Valorant servers have returned online before restarting the client and attempting to queue for a match. When they do, you won’t be getting the “Queue Disabled” error anymore.