Valorant error code 43 explained

Why can’t I access the game’s servers?

How to fix Valorant error code 43

Image via Riot Games

That Valorant error code 43 message sure is a nuisance. If you’ve been trying to connect to the game’s servers for the closed beta, you may have come across this message at some point.

We imagine that, given you’re reading this, you have encountered it and want to know if there’s a way to fix error code 43. Read on to see how to resolve this problem.

What is Valorant error code 43?

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Image via Riot Games

Let’s start off with what Valorant error code 43 is first. If you were lucky enough to secure a closed beta key, you’ll be wanting to test out Riot Games’ multiplayer FPS title. After logging into the Riot Games Launcher and attempting to access Valorant, though, you and other players have encountered error code 43.

The message that accompanies error code 43 reads, “There was an error connecting to the platform. Please restart your game client. Error Code: 43.” Basically, it means that a system has timed out and that you need to restart your Riot Games Launcher.

Can Valorant error code 43 be fixed?

In order to fix Valorant error code 43, you’ll have to wait. Riot Games is hard at work resolving this issue, which they mentioned in a tweet moments after the servers went live.

If you can’t wait around to try Valorant out, Twitter user WrippoN seems to have found a temporary workaround. According to WrippoN, if you redownload the game it’ll solve the issue. WrippoN says not to delete Valorant from your PC. Instead, redownload it to let the files be “fixed”.

We’re unsure if this actually does work, so it might be best to wait for Riot to sort things out on their end before you try and jump into Valorant.