How to fix Wishlist Not Showing errors on Steam

If you wish upon a wishlist.

Image via Valve

Your Steam Wishlist is your one-way express ticket to quickly finding all of the games you want when they go on sale. Whenever a game on this list goes on sale, you will instantly know how much it is going for at that time and can decide whether it is finally time to jump on it or not. However, if it is not showing during a big sale, you could potentially miss out on some big savings. Here is how to get around your Steam Wishlist not showing.

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How to fix your Steam Wishlist not appearing

If your Steam Wishlist is not showing up when you enter the store, we first recommend checking it on other platforms. If you are on the Steam app on your PC, maybe try loading up the Steam website or check it on the app on your phone. Additionally, it seems that the Big Picture Mode can sometimes show your Wishlist if it is not appearing in the normal spot on your PC. To access Big Picture Mode, click the box in the top right corner of the screen with the arrows pointing at different corners.

If neither of the above solutions works for you, Steam may be encountering some issues at the moment, and the problem is not on your end. If there is a big-time sale that just started, it is not too rare for certain features to get bogged down because of server traffic. We recommend checking the Steam server status from above and if it is currently facing issues, come back later in the day when Valve has a chance to fix it.