How to fix Xbox One Black Screen of Death (BSOD)

Black Screen of Death is a common issue among almost all the gaming consoles and platforms including Xbox One. If you are facing BSOD issue with your Xbox One console then this guide will help you out to resolve it.

Xbox One Black Screen of Death

Known Causes:

HDMI doesn’t responds, you can hear sound but no video output even after trying with different cables.

Mostly occurs while exiting the Xbox One home screen, your screen just goes black and you see nothing but a BSOD.

To fix Xbox One BSOD:

Do a power cycle also known as hard-reboot of Xbox One console. To do a please power cycle, hold power button for 10 seconds. This should fix Xbox One BSOD, in case if it doesn’t then unplug the console for 30 seconds and again do a hard-reboot.