How to fly in Rec Room

Fly high (if the settings allow).

Rec Room

Image via Rec Room Inc.

Players can create imaginative and expansive worlds in Rec Room, and you don’t want to be limited by height in making them. If verticality is essential in creating a new room, or if you simply don’t care about players in the room freely moving around, you can activate the ability to fly. Keep in mind that this is only for rooms that you are the creator or co-creator of, and you cannot switch the ability to fly on Rec Room Originals or rooms of other players’ creation.

You can test this out in your Dorm Room, which you are technically the “creator” of. Go to your watch menu, them select This Room. Look for a gear icon and select it. From here, go to Game Roles and then edit the settings for Everyone by hitting the gear icon next to it — if you are merely testing this out in your dorm room, the Game Role will be called Dorm Room instead of Everyone.

Rec Room Fly
Screenshot by Gamepur

The Maker Pen will appear in front of you; grab it to open up more options. Under the shared tab, you will see an option called Can Fly on the top right. This is a slider, so hit the Override checkbox and slide it from No to Yes, and back out of the menu. After this, you can freely move around 3D space in the room with your normal control scheme, whether you are in VR mode or screen mode. With the ability to fly, feel free to let your imagination run wild when creating new rooms.