How to follow a teammate’s parachute in PUBG

Make it easier to keep up with your teammates

Image via PUBG Corporation

Landing with your allies can be a little tricky in PUBG. Sometimes you miss the correct timing, or you aim for a particular location and overshoot it, landing too far away from them to assist one another. To make this easier, you can now follow a teammate’s parachute on the way down from the plane. This process is interrupted if you or the other player’s path is blocked by an object, preventing you from following them further. 

You can start following one of your teammates before you exit the plane by opening the map menu and selecting the teammate you want to follow. You should see a little parachute icon next to your teammates’ names, indicating who you can pick to follow down. At any time, you can choose to stop following them by clicking to another person on your team from the map menu or by holding the indicated icon on your screen.

By doing it before dropping out of the plane becomes available, you can probably coordinate with your teammates about who can lead them down. If there’s only a pair of you, then the decision becomes pretty quick. Your character will leave the plane when the person you’re following jumps out, and you follow their descent down. You don’t want to become lazy. When the parachute pops, it helps to aim and glide your way down, but you should follow them pretty carefully.

The movement is a little jarring at first, and not perfect, but it’s an excellent way for teammates to land closer together in matches so they can protect each other when the game begins.