How to form an Alliance in Sea of Thieves

Work together to plunder together.

For players eager to take to the high seas as an Emissary to work for their favorite Trading Company in Sea of Thieves, there’s plenty of loot on the horizon. However, Emissaries of The Reaper’s Bones are after all other Emissaries, eager to plunder their ships and loot their flags. To increase your chances of fighting them off, you need to learn how to form an alliance.

Alliances are between two different crew voyages. If you stumble across a different crew and agree to work together, rather than use the trust system, you can form a workable partnership and share loot amongst one another.

The first thing you need to do is take to the crow’s nest of your ship. At the top, you will find the Flag Box, where you can place the “Offer Alliance” flag, which is a white and red triangular-shaped one that flies at the top of your ship. While it’s flying, any nearby ship has the potential to join your alliance and work with you. They need to go to their Flag Box on their ship to accept it. Once approved, your alliance will receive a random name, and both crews receive a notification of the formed alliance. Both ships will now have flags representing they are in the same alliance.

Only six ships can be apart of an alliance. When a crew turns in a treasure, they receive 100 percent of the rewards, whereas those in the alliance only receive 50 percent of it. If you ever lose on the ships in your alliance, you can freely check your map on your ship to locate them. You should be able to see all ships in your alliance from your map. While you are in an alliance, you can still kill, sink, and steal from one another.

ALliances are more important than ever to ensure those in The Reaper’s Bones trading company don’t sneak up on you to take your loot. If they become powerful enough with their Emissary Grade, at level five, they have the potential to see where every other ship on the map from their ship.