How to free the Caged Wolf in Inscryption

Get to the truth of this card’s mysteries with our guide on freeing the Caged Wolf.

The Caged Wolf

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you followed our sliding block puzzle guide, you would have obtained the Caged Wolf card, a valuable card that functions as a decent meat shield and has relevance to the plot. Inscryption is full of these little puzzles, and this one can be a little obtuse, so we’ve got a guide on how to proceed.

Once you’ve obtained the Caged Wolf card, you need to play it on the board and intentionally let it die. Don’t worry — in addition to advancing the plot, the card will permanently become a 3/2 Wolf, which is quite powerful. Finish your match and go back to exploring the cabin.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Head directly next to Leshy, and you should see a newly freed Wolf statue for you to pick up. Take it to the left side of the mysterious door and place it next to the Squirrel statue. This action will reward you with the Special Dagger, a permanent, once-per-run item that deals 4 damage to your opponent — at a dire cost. This dagger will need to be used at least once to advance the story further, but even if that run ends due to bad luck or misplays, you will always start a new run with a Special Dagger in your pack. The Caged Wolf, or its Wolf variant, will have to be reacquired per run, however.