How to gain influence in Stellaris

Let your influence be known far and wide.

Image via Paradox Interactive

There are multiple uses for influence in Stellaris. The most notable thing you’re going to use influence includes issuing edicts within your empire and using it to build new starbases to expand your empire’s influence. This will enlarge your territory, giving you access to more resources for your empire and additional systems that fall under your control. It takes time for your influence to grow, and when you initially start the game, you don’t have too much. Gaining influence is a critical step to broadening your empire and making sure other civilizations do not leave you stuck in a tight corner of the galaxy.

How to gain influence

Your empire receives influence at the end of each month, much like the other resources you stockpile. Every empire begins with a base amount of 3 influence that they receive each month. Here are the several ways you increase your influence each month.

  • Factions – For each faction you have, you’ll receive 2 influence, and this amount can increase, or decrease, based on the faction’s approval of your empire.
  • Protectorates – Create a Protectorate empire that you promise to care for during your empire’s reign. You gain 0.25 influence each month for every subjected empire you have deemed a Protectorate.
  • Rivals – For every rival you declare against your empire, you receive 0.5 influence. You’ll want to do this strategically against other empires that cannot wipe you out.

Can you increase influence storage?

Every empire can only hold 1,000 influence. You will not be able to increase this storage amount like other resources. You can only hold 1,000, so if your Empire reaches 1,000, the best course of action is to explore your available edicts and pick something to invest in. Almost any of the edicts are useful for your empire, and they directly benefit you for a short amount of time.