How to get 24 Ours in Hot Wheels Unleashed

It could be 24 yours.


Screenshot by Gamepur

24 Ours is one of the most iconic cars in modern Hot Wheels history. It was initially designed by Rob Mattes and introduced in the Mystery Models Series in 2011. Since then, it’s been part of the Mystery Models Series with every year’s release. The model found in Hot Wheels Unleashed is the Series 1 2019 version, and it looks stunning. It also has some of the best stats on a car in the game. This guide covers how to get 24 Ours for yourself.

How to get 24 Ours

There’s no way to unlock 24 Ours for free in Hot Wheels Unleashed. Instead, you’ve got to try to acquire it from Blind Boxes or the in-game shop. The shop stock resets every four hours of in-game time that passes, so you’ll need to check back now and then to see if it’s been added to your shop. We didn’t purchase our version from the shop, but cars with similar stats cost 1,200 Coins in our experience.

There’s no way to game Blind Boxes to help you get this car. Instead, you need to keep buying them with every 500 Coins you earn so that you can have a chance at picking this up. To earn more Coins, try completing every event in the campaign and then take your racing online. Even if you finish outside of the top three, you’ll still earn some Coins for your effort.