How to get a bee house and honey in Stardew Valley

How to get bee hives and honey on your farm in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley allows you to build up your farm to house a variety of different animals. Like in real life, bees are useful for producing honey, which then can be sold for a profit. There are two different methods for getting a bee house on your farm, and the honey produced can be used in a keg to make mead, if not sold. Here are the two ways to get a bee house and what you can do with the honey.

Where to find a bee house and honey in Stardew Valley

The first way to get a bee house is to craft it. Required resources for the item are 40 pieces of wood, eight pieces of Coal, one Iron Bar, and one jar of Maple Syrup.

The second way to acquire the bee house is to finish the Fall Crops Bundle. The spirits will give you the item once completed.

Now that you have a bee house, you, of course, want to produce honey. The bees will produce honey during any season except winter. During the winter months, they will remain dormant until spring starts up again. Every four days, the bees will produce honey for you valued at 100g.

Fully grown flowers surrounding your bee house will affect the price of the honey produced. Flowers grown in a Garden Pot will not affect the honey. Flowers are not relegated to one bee house either, so if you have multiple houses, flowers will benefit them all. The flowers planted within five tiles of bee houses will increase the selling price to the following values.

  • Tulips – 160g
  • Blue Jazz – 200g
  • Summer Spangle – 280g
  • Poppy – 380g
  • Sunflower – 260g
  • Fairy Rose – 680g

Honey also makes a pretty good gift to give to NPCs in Stardew Valley. Mostly everyone likes being given honey, aside from Maru and Sebastian, who hate it.