How to get a chest of rage in Sea of Thieves

There’s a new chest available in Sea of Thieves

Chests are an excellent source of currency in the Sea of Thieves, but acquiring them is a challenge, and you need to embark on specific journeys to add them to your collection and turn them in. The chest of rage is unique, and a great way to have aboard your ship. Not only can you turn it in for gold, but you can use it as a bomb to attack enemy ships and powerful skeletons. 

There are two ways you can go about acquiring a chest of rage. The first is by attacking a Skeleton Fort in Molten Sands Fortress Skeleton Fort. You can find Molten Sands Fortress in the Devil’s Roar region, at the northeast middle portion of the map. You want to check out the W16 and W17 coordinates on your map to find it.

You will know the Skeleton Fort is active in this region by the massive red skill floating above this region in the sky. If you don’t see it, the Skeleton Fortress is unavailable. You need to conquer the fortress to acquire the loot, which consists of fighting 12 waves of skeletons, with three waves of Captain skeletons.

The second method for acquiring a chest of rage is to participate in the crews of rage mercenary voyages revolving around crews of rage. You can purchase these tasks by speaking to Duke in the bar at any of the outposts you visit. Speak to him, and all players should have access to three different tasks called Bounty of Raging Shores, Bounty of Raging Wilds, and Bounty of Raging Ancients. These are all time-limited events, so grab them while you can.

You can optimize on going after these chests by speaking to Duke, but after the time-limited events expire, you and your crew will want to focus on tackling the Molten Sands Fortress.