How to get a fishing rod in Green Hell

It’s easier than you think.

Image via Creepy Jar

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Green Hell is a first-person survival game set in the rolling green hills and shaded canopies of the Amazon Rainforest. Your singular task is to overcome the danger at every turn and survive long enough to make it out in more or less one piece, but to do that you’ll need more than just your wits — you’ll need tools. Tools and craftables are abundant in this game, with a variety available to the player, but chief among them are the ones that help you to get food and sustenance in this unforgiving terrain. Here’s how you can craft a fishing rod to make your time a little less hellish.

Fishing rod components

Fishing rods are craftable by obtaining the following items:

  • One Long Stick
  • One Rope
  • Two Feather
  • One Brazil Nut shell

A Long Stick is an easy find; chopping down trees will grant you Long Stick, and holding right click on it will allow you to craft from the Long Stick on the ground.

Ropes are gathered easily from the Liana vines hanging from the taller trees in the forest and they are automatically converted.

Feathers drop from dead birds, which you can either find occasionally on the forest floor and harvest from there, or you can kill yourself with a bow or a stone if you’re a good enough shot.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Lastly, the Brazil Nut Shell is found at the base of the largest trees in the forest. These trees cannot be cut down at all, but they are bastions of flora. The Brazil Nut can be eaten for a high quantity of fat and some carbohydrates, and the shell is used for crafting.