How to get a fishing rod in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

Gone fishing.

Image via Nintendo

Fishing is an important activity in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, but players won’t get far without a fishing rod. Thankfully, getting one is quite easy, if you know where to go.

To get a fishing rod, head into Olive Town itself by taking the path to the north of the tent at the farm. When you arrive in town, head direct east until you read the beach, where you will find a small house right beside the sand.

Going inside will prompt an NPC to automatically talk to you, and give you a fishing rod as a gift.

To fish, equip the fishing rod in the toolbar and then hold it while facing the water. Hit Y to cast out the line, and wait until a fish bites. When you see an exclamation point over the bobber, hit Y to start reeling in the fish. The fishing rod has a durability meter, with a fish depth meter beside it.

The best time to reel in is when the durability meter is blue, as you can get the fish to rise the greatest distance with minimal effect on durability. When the meter turns green you need to be careful, you can get less distance for the same durability, so it is worth stopping as this meter will normally turn red shortly after. Do not reel in the fish when the meter is red, as this can really eat up the rod’s durability.