How to Get a Free TM23: Metal Sound in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players can claim a free TM 23: Metal Sound as a Mystery Gift following an error by the developers.

Mystery Gift Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Image via The Pokemon Company

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With the release of the Indigo Disk DLC and the parade of in-game holiday events, it’s a good time to be a Pokemon fan. Now, thanks to a bit of an oversight with TM making materials, we’re being gifted with another Mystery Gift promotion for December 2023.

In case the free Master Ball Mystery Gift wasn’t enough, trainers will soon be able to claim a free TM23, which teaches the move Metal Sound. This is a temporary gift until we get the next update to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, which promises to resolve the issue that makes TM 23 unavailable in Pokemon Scarlet.

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The Issue with TM23 Metal Sound in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

TM Machine Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Screenshot by Gamepur

TM23, which teaches the move Metal Sound, requires materials from the Pokemon Shieldon to produce. This is an issue for Pokemon Scarlet players, because you can’t catch Shieldon in that version of the game, meaning that TM23 was accidentally rendered exclusive to Pokemon Violet.

According to the Pokemon Company, this error will be corrected in an upcoming update to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. However, Version 3.0.1 won’t be available until sometime in January 2024 which means that Pokemon Scarlet players cannot craft TM23 in the meantime. So, the Pokemon team is giving players the option to receive one free TM23 in a Mystery Gift promotion this month.

When and How To Redeem the TM 23 Metal Sound Mystery Gift

Mystery Gift Get Via Internet Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Screenshot by Gamepur

Players in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet can get their free TM23 starting on December 26th, 2023. The Mystery Gift should remain available until the update for Version 3.0.1 goes live sometime in January 2024. If you want to get ahold of the TM, I’d suggest getting on this quickly because we’re likely going to see that update around the same time we’ll get the new post-game story for The Indigo Disk.

To redeem this Mystery Gift, players will need to open up their in-game menu to access the PokePortal. Then, head to the Mystery Gift option and select “Receive via Internet.” The game will connect to the internet if you’re not already online, then search for available gifts. A list of available gifts will come up, and you should select “TM23: Metal Sound.” Once you do, a fun animation will play and your TM23 should automatically show up in your bag’s TM pocket.