How to get a Gravimag in Warframe

A little bit of grind.


The Gravimag is an Archgun upgrade that you will need if you want to be able to use your Archgun during standard missions in Warframe. You will also need an Archgun deployer to take advantage of this.

The Gravigmag can be gotten from the Tenno Research Lab in the Clan Dojo, but will need to be researched first. When research is complete, you can purchase the Gravimag blueprint for 35,000 Credits. You can also purchase a finished Gravimag from the Market for 20 Platinum if you wish. You will receive one Gravimag from finishing the third mission in the Profit-Taker Orb Heist.

Research Costs

  • 5,000 Credits
  • 1 Gyromag Systems
  • 1 Atmo Systems
  • 1 Repeller Systems

The above costs have the following Clan-size multipliers:

  • Ghost Clan x 1
  • Shadow Clan x 3
  • Storm Clan x 10
  • Mountain Clan x 30
  • Moon Clan x 100

Manufacturing Costs

When you get the blueprint, you will need to build the Gravimag in your Foundry.

  • 25,000 Credits
  • 10 Gyromag Systems
  • 5 Atmo Systems
  • 2 Repeller Systems

When the Gravimag is complete, you will need to equip it to an Archgun in your Arsenal. You can only do this with Archguns that already have an Orokin Catalyst installed. Just click on the Actions tab, and you will see the relevant options there.

You need to equip the Archgun Deployer equipped in your Gear Wheel, which can be done in your Arsenal on the Orbiter, or through the menus. You will also need to go to the Vehicles tab in the Arsenal, and equip which Archgun you wish to use with it in the Heavy Weapon slot.

When you are in a mission, you can then click on the Archgun Deployer in your Gear Wheel, and it will drop out of the sky and into your hands. You will be able to use it for a maximum of five minutes, or until it runs out of ammunition.