How to get a horse in Black Desert Online

You can either tame one, purchase one, or wait.

via Pearl Abyss

Black Desert Online, like many MMORPGs, allows players to unlock mounts that they can use to traverse the world with ease. You’ll be given a donkey to use early in the game for free, but that’s really only intended to get you on your feet in the early game, and not something you should be using long-term. Horses, on the other hand, are a far superior and more well-rounded option, and we’ll walk you through getting one in this guide.

Horses are a mount that will come with natural progression, though it will be quite a wait if you choose to earn one that way. Instead, you can opt to either tame one or purchase one much sooner in the game, if you’re looking to upgrade to a better mount now. Horses are better for both exploration and combat, so this is definitely a solid plan.

In order to tame a horse, you’ll need to be at least level 20. If you aren’t that high of a level yet, then you can either purchase a horse instead, or just grind out however many levels you need. Once you’re a high enough level, head to a stabler, where you will purchase carrots and a lasso. Lassos cost 1500 gold a piece, but you may need multiple, so purchase a few extra.

Now, traverse through the valleys and fields until you find some wild horses. Aim your lasso toward one to initiate a minigame, which will require you to mash the space bar to fill up a meter. You can then approach the horse a bit more, where you will have to repeat the process. Do this a few times until you get close enough to the horse to feed it a carrot.

After this, you’ll be able to attempt a mount, though it’s possible you will get bucked off. There’s an element of luck there, and if this happens, you’ll need to give another lasso a go. Once you successfully mount a horse, you can ride it to a stable to register and name it.

If you aren’t level 20, your other option is to purchase a horse from a stable. It will be very expensive, setting you back at least 40,000 gold, and will give you a very basic horse with no skills. To get skills, you’ll have to fork up some more money, so this may not be your best bet early on if you’re stripped for cash.