How to get a Hoverboard in Lost Ark

Glide in on a hoverboard.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can add a variety of mounts to your collection in Lost Ark to get from place to place in style. If you’ve had your eye on the Hoverboard from the Arthentine Dungeon, you’re in luck. You’ll be able to unlock this mount to use as you explore the game, but there’s quite a bit of work you’ll need to do if you want to ride around on it. In this guide, we cover how to get a Hoverboard in Lost Ark.

You’ll need to do several things first before you can unlock the Hoverboard. You’ll want to make sure your character has reached level 50. From there, you’ll need to work through the North Vern storyline, as well, and then make sure you unlock Una’s Tasks. With all of that prepared, you can work towards unlocking the Hoverboard.

To the east of Arid Path, on Arthetine, you can find an island called Facility X-301. Head over there, and complete the required quest to unlock the loop for the island. Upon completing this short quest, you’ll receive Una’s Task called Android Emancipation. However, you cannot access the boss until you receive a quest on the island called Serviceable Condition. You can get this quest from a robot NPC called Defective Product.

Make sure you have Serviceable Condition in your quest log, and then work towards collecting all 1,000 Power Batteries from the android enemies on the island. You’ll have a large area where you can potentially find these Power Batteries. After turning in this quest to Defective Product, you’ll receive a Secret Hideout Access Card. From there, you’ll gain access to the Experimental Tarmakum boss, which is what you need to defeat to complete Android Emancipation. We highly recommend having a Gear Score of at least 300 or higher.

Completing the Android Emancipation quest in Una’s Tasks rewards you 10 reputation points. You’ll need 150 points to unlock the Hoverboard, which means you’ll need to reach this process 15 times. These quests reset once a day.