How to get a Kappa Container in Escape From Tarkov

This ultra rare item will require a lot of groundwork.

Escape From Tarkov
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The amount of rare items in Escape From Tarkov is quite daunting. From the collectibles you can find in raids to the items you receive from quests, you’ll certainly be kept busy. However, there’s one item that is considered to be at the top of the rarity list due to its insane requirements.

If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, it’s the Kappa Container. Able to store CMS and Surgical Kits, a Kappa Container, is an invaluable tool to have in your inventory when heading into a raid. Of course, it won’t come easy. Here’s how you can go about earning your very own Kappa Container.

Image via Escape From Tarkov.

First, you’ll need to complete every quest in Escape From Tarkov except for a handful. That list can be seen below.

  • Loyalty Buyout
  • Trust Regain
  • Mentor
  • The Stylish One
  • Hippocratic Vow
  • Regulated Materials
  • No Offence
  • An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Every other quest in the game, except the various Multiple Choice quests, must be completed. Once you’ve done all of them, Fence will contact you with a mission. This mission is to obtain a slew of items for a quest called “The Collector.”

In total, there are 12 items you need to find, with several located on different maps. The items include cosmetics like a Fake Mustache and Kotton Beanie as well as miscellaneous gadgets like the Golden 1GPhone. For the quest to be completed, you have to find all of the items physically. You’re not allowed to purchase them from the market. 

If you’ve managed to find all of the items for The Collector quest and turn them in, Fence will reward you with a Kappa Container.